Arena had been with us for years … five long ones, in fact.

She was picked up by animal control after breaking away from her family. Apparently, this is something this energetic and adventurous “Teagle” (part Beagle/part Terrier) did often and her family had, had enough. They didn’t want her back. As with most brown and white dogs, the shelter had labeled her a JRT and that’s what we thought we were picking up. It wasn’t, of course, but we weren’t about to turn back.

Because this precious girl was bigger and stronger than your average Jack, she was overlooked by visitors and prospective adoptees for years. She didn’t seem to mind, though. As long as she was able to pace back and forth on her little “catwalk” bench and got plenty of time in the field to run and play ball, she was OK with patiently waiting for her next family.

All of the volunteers loved her and were so used to seeing her in her long run next to Rocket every time we arrived. She was always ready for a treat … sometimes a little too ready. 😉 We had grown used to seeing her and, quite frankly, were afraid she may become a lifer, despite her great health and fun disposition.

Those fears were put to rest on April 6 when her new family drove all the way from St. Simons to Conyers to meet her … and did not leave without her. It was definitely an emotional departure, one we captured of Donna saying goodbye that has graced our websites and videos since.

These days? Arena is living it up. She has a big yard to play in with “her” kids, whom she has always loved. She even goes to the beach quite often. We should all be so lucky. 😉 Dog bless you, sweetheart, for finding the life you deserve.