Amelia’s Angels

Oops, we did it again … We had a few dogs in holding arriving today and were in absolutely no shape, financially or space wise, to take on more … but we did.

On Thursday, the horrifying photo and story of a down’n’out litte JRT boy at Clayton County was circulating the rescue boards. He had been stabbed and was going to be put down Friday.

Try as we might not to take on any more vet bills right now, “his” story made its way to us and, try as we might, and we couldn’t look away. We showed up at the shelter Friday morning, and they literally had to get “him” from the euthanasia room. We signed the papers and they brought him out … Much to our surprise, we discovered he is actually a she … and he isn’t a little JRT. We, of course, weren’t about to say no. We were there for a reason, and she was out of there!

Her name is now Amelia (“Millie” for short), and she is a big ole 39.6-lb. Terrier mix of love and kisses. We took her straight from the shelter to Dr. Wright to check out her wound. He bandaged her up and said, besides that nasty little boo-boo, she is a healthy young (1 or 2 years) girl who is as sweet as punch and will heal up nicely. He also says it doesn’t appear to be a stab wound; thinks she probably got hung on something and wrestled herself loose.

She has been with us for a couple of days and is still healing. She is still limping a bit and will go back to the vet this week for a check-up, but she is positively gorgeous and full of love. We don’t really have a lot of accommodations (or a food budget) for another 40-lb. dog (have a couple right now), so we want to find her another rescue, foster or forever home where she can recoup and move forward into her new life.

We can honestly say she is a very special girl with wonderful angels around her. She is going to make someone an amazing dog.

If you are interested in fostering her, please complete the form here. If you are interested in adopting her, please complete the form here . And, if you are a rescue more geared towards her size or potential adopters, please contact us at or call 770-918-8582.

She already has some wonderful pledges, which we will use towards our ever-growing vet bill. But if you would like to donate and help her out, you can do so online via PayPal. Just note that it’s for Millie in the special notes.