All Jacked Up!

Whew! What a busy week (month!) it’s been at rescue lately. So many dogs coming in and, fortunately, going out to forever homes.

New Arrivals

We took in seven(!) dogs within a matter of days, mostly due to sponsors, fosters and volunteers working together to pull shelter dogs. It was a little overwhelming at first, but we are already starting to place some. Sasha went to her new home yesterday, leaving behind her baby, Tasha, who is looking for her home. Other newcomers include Opal, Pig-Pen, Sassy, Maggie (foster care), Tessa and Ginger. Please, check out their profiles or our Facebook page for more information on each of them.

Fancy’s Story Comes to an End … with a New Beginning

The summer-long story of Fancy came to an end last week when her official sponsor, who has been fostering her the past couple of weeks, decided she fit well with their pack o’three Jacks and made her a permanent resident. She now spends her days dozing at feet, playing with her new family and enjoying all the good things in life. Congratulations, Fancy! You deserved the best.

Fancy (center) with her new Jack Pack, including Benny, Brodie (another one of our rescues from 2011) and Brigit.

Ellie is Outta Here!

Our active little Ellie found her forever home over the weekend. The best part? They are a very active family who likes to run and never gets tired of throwing the ball! We cannot wait to see photos of her enjoying life to its fullest.