Yes, we know, it’s pretty darn long, but we love our dogs. They have already been abandoned once; we want to make sure their second chance is successful and everyone, including you, is happy. We appreciate you taking the time to complete all of these questions for the best experience and outcome.

Before completing this form, we highly encourage you to visit our FAQ page, our Adoption Page and/or our “Pesky” Adoption Policies post. and read everything thoroughly. They will answer a lot of questions upfront, especially why we have such stringent adoption policies. If not, at least please read the following before you submit an application.

  1. Rescue dogs must have containment (fence, large kennel run, etc.; no e-fences); JRTs are rarely suitable for city living and they will run off on “acreages.” These terriers were not raised to live on farms. Many of them are in our care because they escaped from their homes in the first place.
  2. We do not place Terriers in homes where they must left alone for extended periods of time. JRTs are often destructive when “home alone.”
  3. We do not place Terriers in homes where there are children under five years of age. Terriers are rarely tolerant of children who pull, yank or “test” them and will and do nip. Many of our dogs are here because of that reason.
  4. Few Terriers are good with cats. They were bred to hunt smaller prey. We try to list the dogs we know specifically are not good with cats (some are here because of that), but “cat testing” is an option for trial testing in your home.
  5. Most Terriers in rescue are adults; puppies are rarely, if ever, available. When they are, we rarely adopt to homes with small children. These guys/gals are here because someone did not give them the positive reinforcement that only an experienced adult Jack parent can give them; therefore, we look for that in their next home. Children do not always make good teachers for JRTs, who are bred to believe they are smarter than us adults. In short, Wishbone and Frasier did not arrive in this world the way they went out; they were highly trained for hours with positive reinforcement and consistent guidance. Please, do not expect JRT puppies to behave like them.
  6. We do not adopt to anyone wanting to “give” a puppy as a “gift” to someone else. This always ends in disaster for all parties, especially the dog and the recipient. If you know someone who “needs” a dog, please have them complete the application.
  7. Filling out an application does not guarantee adoption. Jack Russell Terriers have special needs. Not all homes are suitable for placement.
  8. All applicants are thoroughly screened and must meet certain qualifications before being referred for a terrier. We are big proponents of vitality and health for our dogs (many of whom have been neglected in their first life) and we will and do check all vet references. If regular vet visits, heartworm/flea preventative and/or vaccinations are against your beliefs or outside of your financial abilities, please apply with a different rescue.
  9. Compatible Terriers may not be immediately available; your patience is appreciated.
  10. We can only place Terriers in homes located in the United States. We cannot “fly” dogs. Occasionally, we can transport dogs, but it depends on volunteer availability. We encourage all applicants to come to our rescue ranch in Conyers, Ga., (by appointment only) with any current dogs to meet your new rescue. This almost always assures a good experience and happy adoption.

Applicant Information


Family/Household Information

  • Please tell us about all other people residing with you, including their name, their age, and their relationship to you. Please note that we respect all individuals and families, traditional or modern, and do not discriminate in any way. We just want to find the best homes for our dogs; some do better with men, women and/or children than others.

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Dog Behavior

  • Please note: We test all of our dogs' temperaments, but cannot always guarantee their reactions in certain situations or environments, including around cats, children, etc. They are Terriers (bred to be hunters and typically dominant) and should be treated as such.

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