Give Them a Furever Home

It may sound obvious, but adopting a dog is the best thing you can do to help any rescue or shelter. While we love all of our little rescues and do everything to provide the best for them during their stay here, nothing beats a forever-home with someone to love unconditionally.

Got questions?

Have questions about our adoption fees, visiting/meeting our dogs, our policies on adopting out-of-state, etc.? You can find answers on our FAQ page. You can also find out more about our rules and regulations for adoption by visiting our “Pesky Adoption Policies” page.

If you are ready to make a difference in both your life and a dog’s life, please complete our adoption application. We will follow up with your vet and reference, then contact you to discuss any questions and/or arrange a visit time. Please give us a few days to process your application. We are completely “free-time” volunteer-based and process them as quickly as we can. We are also often waiting on call backs from vets, references, etc.

Before You Apply, Please Note …

Please visit our “Pesky Adoption Policies” page for a thorough run-down of why we have all of these rules, but … at a glance …

Home Requirements

Prospective pet parents should have a yard with a physical fence. Electric fences are typically no challenge for a determined Jack, and our owner will typically deny as other animals can enter the yard.

Jack Russells are high-energy and need daily exercise. If you live in an apartment or home without a fence, a home inspection is a must for approval.

We do not adopt our Jacks out to be “ratters” or “run free” on farms. The majority of them are here because they “ran free” (some several times) and ended up at animal control.

Reference/Vet Requirements

We follow up on all references and vets and ask for confirmation of up-to-date vaccinations and heartworm preventative. Any dogs currently in the home of age should be neutered/spayed.

Family/Environment Requirements

Also, we do not have any cats at rescue and can, therefore, we cannot vouch for how any of our dogs will act around one. Jacks are prey-driven and most will consider any smaller animal prey.

Puppy Requirements

We don’t often have puppies, but when we do, we rarely adopt to families with young children who want a first-time puppy for their child(ren). Terriers are very high-maintenance, very energetic, very curious, and very “mouthy” when they are young. Most of the puppies who end up here are here because of those very things, i.e. they did not work out with their initial families or nipped children. They need experienced adult Jack parents, constant attention and continuous positive reinforcement to learn what they haven’t already learned.

Also, for any puppies adopted who may not be old enough to neuter/spay, our adoption contract must be signed and he or she must be neutered or spayed (with proof) as soon as they are old enough to be altered. State law prohibits us from adopting out dogs for breeding purposes.

Meet Some of Our Adopted Babies

We have adopted and rescued hundreds of dogs over the past decade. Although they have moved on to their forever homes, they are forever in our hearts. Here’s a few happy tails throughout the years.

Want to share yours? Please email a testimonial/update and photos to Thank you, adopted parents! This is why we do what we do.