Where are you located?

We are located on an acreage in Conyers, Georgia, which is about 30 miles east of Atlanta. We do not list our location publicly to protect the dogs. We will arrange a date and time for visitation during the pre-approval process interview.

Why can’t I find a phone number?

We are a very small Ma and (formerly) Pa Rescue and everyone has day jobs, including Mama Donna. We used to publish her phone number “out there.” It would get overloaded each and every day with messages. The volunteers now handle all of these via email first, then escalate as needed.

Do you only rescue purebred Jack Russells?

Our original mission was to rescue pure Jack Russells; not because we’re biased (OK, yes, we love the breed), but because there was such a huge need. Next to Pitbulls, they are one of the most frequently misunderstood and surrendered breeds. We were also working closely with other JRT groups/personal breeders to preserve the JRT line and they would not allow us to be associated with them if we didn’t.

As time went on, we just cared about helping dogs. Our hearts were too big to say “no” to “brown and white” dogs people brought to us, thinking they were Jacks. Suffice to say, many of the JRT groups disassociated with us. That’s OK; we understand. Some have come back, though, and we love it!

These days? We rescue/adopt everyone from purebred Jacks, to Jack Russell mixes or so-called “designer breeds” (Jack Chis, Jack-a-Bees, Border Jacks, Jackshunds, PapiJacks, Minnie Jacks, Jack Rats, etc.), to a few dogs who aren’t Terriers at all. We love them all and would love to find forever homes for all of them.

What are your hours?

We are not a business location, so we do not have set hours. Our owner works like the rest of us, so weekends and evenings are preferred. Sometimes, we can arrange for a volunteer to meet you during the weekday, if it’s the only possibility. We will arrange a visitation time and date during the pre-approval process.

Are you a 501(3)c organization?

Yes, are we. You may claim any donations made to us on your taxes.

Do you receive money from the local, state or federal government?

Not a single penny. This is a rumor many people believe to be true about non-profit animal groups. We rely entirely on donations from individuals and businesses. We do not receive any type of funding from the government.

How can I make a donation?

Please visit our general donation page. (Your donation is tax-deductible and you will receive a letter with our Tax ID number and information.) If you would like to donate to or sponsor a specific dog, you can do so by viewing their profile.

Where can I view your adoptable dogs?

You can view them right here on our website on the Our Dogs page. You can sort by sex, age and special needs. Please, note that not all of our dogs are adoptable at this time. Some of them have behavioral issues that must be addressed (no funding for training right now) before they can go to new homes. They can, however, be sponsored.

How do I adopt?

Visit this page for full information; then complete our adoption application. We will follow up with your vet and references, then give you a call to discuss any other questions and/or make arrangements for you to come meet your new sweetheart.

How much is the adoption fee?

Our adoption fee is $250. This fee covers spaying/neutering, shots, chip, shelter pull fee and/or any other costs associated with rescue. Many of our dogs spend months with us before getting adopting; suffice to say, we do not make any money off of them.

A Rescue Dog's Trust Cost by Georgia JRT and Lili Chin

Do I need to have a fence? Is there a home check?

Yes to both. Many of our guys and gals have arrived here throughout the years because they like to roam and weren’t properly “contained.” We do make exceptions on occasion, but really prefer a fence. Whenever possible, we also do home checks to make sure the environment is right for our rescues.

Do you adopt out of state?

We do, although the process can be a little more complicated as we do not have a free transport service. (We will not “ship” dogs.) We have to “stitch together” volunteers along the route to hand-deliver the dogs and, if things do not work out, we must find a way to get them back to Atlanta. This is the challenge we do not face locally, but it’s one we have succeeded in, in the past and will continue to do so to help our dogs find the right homes.

As with local applicants, we will follow up with all vet(s) and references and may require a home check by one of our local volunteers or supporters in your area. We prefer potential adopters come to the rescue in Atlanta to meet the dogs, especially if you have another dog in your family. This will help us assess how well they will do together and make sure everything is going to work out for everyone.

How do I surrender a dog?

We rarely accept individual surrenders as we typically save dogs who have already been surrendered to kill shelters; however, we do make occasional exceptions. Please visit our Surrender a Dog page, read our recommendations thoroughly and, if solutions still aren’t attainable, complete our form.

I can’t adopt or make a donation right now. What are some other ways I can help besides a donation?

There are plenty! We always need volunteers around the rescue ranch to clean kennels, walk/play with dogs and repair things. You may also apply to be a foster.

Why did you change your name recently?

We have mostly been known for rescue and adoption in the past, but as some of our rescues get older and out of adoption range, we are becoming more of a sanctuary now.