Are you looking to volunteer, adopt or foster? Are you thinking about surrendering your dog? You can find the respective online forms here:

Did you find a dog without a tag?

  • Many pets lose their collars when they have gotten lost, but many have been microchipped. Take him/her to your or a local vet or animal shelter. They can scan him/her to see if they can locate the owner.
  • If a dog is running lose, contact your county animal shelter. Rescues do not have legal rights to pick up dogs. Dogs are considered property, and we would literally be stealing if we took them without the owner’s written consent.

Third-Party Posts

We cannot post third-party/courtesy listings on our websites because of potential legal issues. Dogs must be in our possession and must be temperament tested by our team before we can list them.

If you have a dog you are trying to re-home yourself (which is often a better option), there are several online databases with good traffic designed solely for this purpose, including PetFinderRescueMe.org and the Facebook page, Georgia Jacks.

DO NOT list your dogs on sites like Craig’s List, especially for free. Thieves can either: 1) resell your dog to others or 2) sell your dog to a science laboratory.

Please read the page before contacting us. It addresses many questions you may have, including owner surrenders, where you can list your dog, who to contact for training issues, and how to volunteer, foster or adopt. Thank you.

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