We are full!

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE CONTACTING US! We are currently at capacity at this time and cannot accept any more dogs from individuals. We are still under-budget and need to take care of our senior and special needs dogs. When we are able to accommodate a dog, we will pull from local kill shelters. We are unable to make any exceptions at this time.

Third-Party Posts

We also can no longer post third-party/courtesy listings on our websites because of potential legal issues. If you have a dog you are trying to re-home, there are several online databases with good traffic designed solely for this purpose, including RescueMe.org and our Facebook page, Georgia Jacks.

ALSO NOTE: Most rescues will not/cannot legally accept dogs who bite. If you are listing your dog elsewhere, please be very clear that the dog is fear-aggressive or aggressive.

Consider What You Are Doing

Please, consider what you are doing if you are looking to surrender a dog. This little soul depends entirely on you for survival. He is not expendable. (You would not give up your kid or your “inconvenient” elderly parents so easily, would you?) Unless circumstances are extensive, please consider being a responsible pet owner and keeping him in his home, where he belongs.

Training questions?

We do not have any certified dog trainers on our volunteer staff and, therefore, cannot legally dispense any type of training advice. We highly recommend reaching out to a qualified trainer before giving up and surrendering your Jack to any shelter or rescue. These are a few of the Atlanta area trainers who have donated their time to our rescue and whom we feel comfortable recommending. Please, contact them directly:

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