I became interested in birth as a whole around 6 years ago. That’s when I decided to help a friend and become a surrogate for her. She struggled through many pregnancies and couldn’t successfully carry to term or even into her 3rd trimester. I saw the heartbreak of not being able to create the family she wanted and needed.  Well, call it what you will, neither faith or fate but I felt a call to offer. Long story short, a year later I gave birth to her baby girl she had been waiting so long for.

While preparing for the birth, I expressed my desires to birth ‘naturally’. I had no ideas how I would accomplish this or even what doulas were but trusted my instincts at the time. I was shocked by the mostly negative reactions of everyone, her and her family and my family as well, from  it being barbaric to ‘why would you do that to yourself?’ With not much support or much education or much trust in my abilities, when I went into labor naturally but after 12 hours, gave into an epidural ( to much relief to everyone around me including nurses).

So now here I am, knowing so much more and wanting to help other women that might not have the support to trust their bodies. I want other women to know they can have the birth they desire because its an experience that will shape their lives and into their motherhood. I want to help her partner know that I am there to help them understand what’s happening as well and be a voice to the mother, who often feels voiceless. Ultimately, I want to help women feel empowered as they become mothers.