A “JReaT” Gift for Mom

We are still in awe at the outpouring of support and donations we have received lately, especially in special deliveries. They just keep coming and we are so blessed.

Amanda and Devin Dannemiller stopped by yesterday with a trunk load of goodies, including towels, bleach, harnesses, collars, food and toys. It wasn’t just a fantastic donation to us, it was a wonderful way to honor her mother for her birthday. Her mother has two beautiful Jacks (see/click photo below).

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Amanda’s story of her mother was too great not to share verbatim, so here it is:

“I would be remiss not to include a picture of my mom and her dogs. We hired a photographer to take family Christmas photos last year and Mom insisted that she get one with her little guys (you’ll notice my brother and I were not allowed in the picture!). Mom’s name is C. Ann Gittings and her dogs are Shalom (the JRT) and Pax (the mutt who thinks he’s a JRT).  You may not be able to tell from the picture but Shalom has a crooked smile. Both of Mom’s dogs were rescued from Metro Animal Services in Louisville, KY; we’re not sure what exactly happened to Shalom, but we know he was removed from an abusive home and was stuck at the shelter almost two months before Mom got him. Now he is in an extremely loving home and getting all the loving he missed out on with his former owners. :-)”

Thank you, Amanda, for seeking us out and giving not only your mother such a great gift but us as well!

How This Helps

When we receive items we are always in need of like food, detergent, leashes (these seem to mysteriously disappear a lot … hm), toys and blankets/towels, it allows us to use monetary donations to pay off our lingering vet bills and focus on the ongoing needs of our special-needs babies without worrying where the next dollar is coming from for other things. Amanda also made a good point: She and Devin spent all weekend hunting down clearance sales to get these supplies. They were able to stretch their dollar and double their donations without breaking their budget.

Want to help?

There are so many ways to help our rescues that meet any budget or schedule. In fact, we have more than a dozen ways to make a difference! Check them out!